The Vision

Beauty begins with a good feeling!

When we enjoy something that feels good – like a hug amongst friends, a smile amongst strangers, a kiss between lovers – our true beauty starts to radiate. This is what we are all about. Creating all-natural, gut-healthy, hand-made products that make you feel good. Inside and out!

We believe that a culture of happiness is just what this world needs. And sharing in this collective well-being can inspire more good πŸš€

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Our Story - Who we are

Behind the Dream

My name is Tom. It’s really nice to meet you!
I was born and raised in Johannesburg in South Africa, but now live with the love of my life Oda and our black cat Chocolate, in the beautiful city of Utrecht.

My father, being the health freak that he is, first introduced me to the wonders of Kombucha, and I was very soon brewing my own. My previous experience has always been in bars and hospitality, and my first next pursuit with Kombucha came from an attempt to find a healthier, more acquired tasting substitute for the sodas being used in cocktails.

Our Home

Be You Tea is a dream that was born in the stunning suburbs of Johannesburg.Β The very first batches were made in a small food storeroom, and were soon shared with the public at food and drink markets.

The dream moved countries, but remained alive! Now situated in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Be You Tea strives to be a wholesome soda substitute to be enjoyed by all of the Netherlands and its people.

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