Kombucha? What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea

Making Kombucha is in fact a very simple process. Tea is brewed. Sugar is added. Live cultures are added. The tea ferments. Kombucha is ready. Easy right? 

The beauty lies in the simplicity of this fermented drink. Four ingredients is all to takes to make probiotic and antioxidant rich Kombucha. And thats pretty cool.


The ‘live cultures’ mentioned above are often referred to as the SCOBY. This stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, and is the bread and butter of Kombucha (no pun intended!).


When the SCOBY floats in a tea and sugar mixture, here begins a chemical reaction in which the the bacteria and yeast begin to break down – or ‘eat’ – the sugar.  This process is what causes the tea to ferment, and creates a tart but delicious (almost like vinegar – but yumm) flavour. 

During the process the yeast produce CO2 and small levels of alcohol. This is what leads to a lightly (and naturally) carbonated product at the end.


Be You Tea Kombucha is made with only natural and quality ingredients. We use unrefined cane sugar, responsibly sourced tea and extremely healthy and well taken care of live cultures. These are all brought together with water, tendered to with love, and after approximately three weeks of fermentation, the Kombucha is hand bottled to be shared and loved 🌞